when the world lost Oprah

So I’m writing a blog. I should say I am writing yet ANOTHER blog. The internet is a graveyard for the forgotten blogs I have started and abandoned. And here I am again.

I struggled with creating a blog. The inner voices were really at it. One voice was like, “ewww. Blogs are like online diaries for people who need to go to therapy.” One voice was like “who wants to publicly capture the various points of crazy that you will enter and pass through in life.” The another voice was like “that’s totally oppressive language against people with mental health issues” and then I started creating this blog.

I have been reading a variety of interesting blogs from friends and folks I don’t know who are doing absolutely amazing things. I’m not doing much. Right now I am sitting on the couch listening to the mamma mia soundtrack while my dog lays beside me and has nightmares. She twitches when she sleeps and at one point, the hairs on her back raised and she started snarling. I wish I could crawl in her head and see what she is staring down. Now she is curling up into a cute ball and I’m kind of in love…

So as that last rant should confirm, I don’t have much to write about or very many interesting things happening in my life. But I do miss writing and I do need a space to share my thoughts with the world. Isn’t that what blogging is for. For the many delusional people that are waiting to be cast on a reality show and prove, yet again, that human beings are far more superior than other mammals.

I think all of my issues with the need to blog could have been solved if Oprah never went off the air. I mean, really, the majority of people are just waiting for the moment that they can go on Oprah. I mean everyone wants to have a life worthy of Oprah’s attention. I even remember yelling at my mother one time after she broke one of my mickey mouse drinking glasses. “Wait till I tell Oprah about this” because, really, if it’s worth knowing and telling, Oprah should be the one to know it and tell it too. So you spend your life harboring all of these stories that you’re going to tell Oprah and waiting, just waiting, till it all comes together and you can present it to the producers “here you go, VALIDATE ME.”

But then Oprah left the air to go do whatever Oprah does when she’s not on television. I mean , in reality, it was like a post-apocolyptic time. I imagine that in many parts of the world, people were just wandering around aimlessly confused about what to do with their pent up stories. I mean what in the world. How are we all supposed to get toasters or plasma televisions if we can’t go on Oprah’s favorite things.

Well, I bet you could do a study on the surge in blogs after that point. All those stories just started spilling out and exploded onto the internet in a whirlwind of pointless musings and grandiose perspectives on our place in the world. And so I guess that’s why I’m here.

A little bio. I am a graduate student in Higher Education and Student Affairs. I want to work with college students for the rest of my life (crickets). I have a dog and I live in hippy dippy Burlington, VT where I can bring my dog into the bank, probably barefoot. I am from Florida originally so you can imagine that the winter time will provide many interesting stories. hmmm… Oh yes! I have ADD-inattentive so that should explain why you probably won’t be reading any more posts after next week. There are many many other things. Maybe they will emerge, or maybe they won’t…

Here’s to BLOGGING.


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