training for a 5K!

Guess what…I’m training for a 5K. This is HUGE. I am so out of shape, it’s practically ridiculous. I have no idea why I’m even doing this though. I have nothing to prove. But events that involve free food and free shirts are really hard to pass up so I guess I will learn to … Continue reading

Why I love the Olympics…and other things I’ve been planning to write about

The Olympics is, by far, my most favorite thing. I have literally been covered with goosebumps since the opening ceremonies last Friday. I think the excitement hits me when I see the parade of nations. It has something to do with the wide eyed wonder that covers the faces of the parading athletes. As I … Continue reading

there really should be a manual for that…

I’m surprised at the amount of things that come with instructions. Like my blowdryer…really? Why would I buy it if I didn’t know what it was for. But then there are REAL things in life that are completely devoid of any basic instructions. Like when you have your first lady parts appointment, or need to … Continue reading

emerging from the abyss…

I just finished a two week summer course. It was one of the best classes I have ever had, but I am undoubtedly tired. I am also excited about the possibilities of free time. In addition to the class with its avalanche of readings and papers, I have two internships with radically different purposes. I … Continue reading

come home.

I have been thinking about home. and what it means to me. Today I did a clean up at a mobile home park in Waterbury. The site had not been thoroughly cleaned since Irene hit and they were preparing for families to resettle in the land. The site was littered with debris, broken foundations, misplaced … Continue reading

why so sensitive.

I attend a graduate program that prides itself on its focus on social justice. sometimes it can feel overwhelming as I struggle with my own limitations in knowledge and self-awareness. Other times it is incredibly powerful as I become more aware of the dominant paradigms in our society and feel that I am developing the … Continue reading