emerging from the abyss…

I just finished a two week summer course. It was one of the best classes I have ever had, but I am undoubtedly tired. I am also excited about the possibilities of free time. In addition to the class with its avalanche of readings and papers, I have two internships with radically different purposes. I also have a host of side projects and applications that seem to nibble up my time before my very eyes. I tend to do too much and it all tends to come to a head at some point. So I am emerging and I am so thankful I had this class because it lighted a fire under my interest in education and issues of social justice. I’m hungry food good books, thoughtful conversations, and big ideas. With all this energy, I feel like a 5 year old walking through the gates of Disney for the first time. The overwhelming presence of being able to do so many splendid wonderful things become so exhausting that you fall asleep in your mothers arms on main street as some pinstriped young actor hands you a mickey balloon. Barely having experienced all of the experiences that danced through your imagination your day before. This is me. I tend to turn myself in circles trying to decide what to do first with all my free time, and always always as the day closes I curse the setting sun because I inevitably forgot something. Or I simply spent all my time turning in a circle without ever settling on a single thing.  haha.


…that’s kind of all.


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