there really should be a manual for that…

I’m surprised at the amount of things that come with instructions. Like my blowdryer…really? Why would I buy it if I didn’t know what it was for.

But then there are REAL things in life that are completely devoid of any basic instructions. Like when you have your first lady parts appointment, or need to change the oil in your car yourself or my DOG. Google has been a godsend but I would greatly appreciate a little more guidance on how to navigate some of the more day to day situations that come up in my life. And it is hard sifting through a variety of google finds that consist of chat groups and random articles that sometimes contradict themselves. Yes these are first world problems, but they are problems nonetheless.

I was thinking of this when I was reading this NYT article on making friends in your adult years:

So where is the manual on developing relationships. Were we really meant to prod around life , trying to find our way, but desperately lost. I think not. I feel like by the time I have done enough soul searching to figure out what qualities I want in the people around me, I will be too old to benefit for them.

Actually, now that I’ve been sitting here for a bit, I realize I can make my own manual. Maybe I could make my own manual for a lot of things. Sometimes life is just hard and it helps to have some direction. If we are the kind of species that has to be told not to use an electronic appliance in the bathtub, then we’re the kind of people that need to know how to build lasting and meaningful relationships. true dat.

2 Responses to “there really should be a manual for that…”
  1. Totally agreed; I guess situations like those are the ones that build character? Usually when I look at things that way I don’t get as easily discouraged or frustrated, :p

  2. I nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award! Check out my blog at to see what to do next; I love your blog and seeing your posts so I thought you deserved an award! 🙂

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