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Thanks for finding my blog!

As a product of the past couple of centuries, I believe my perspectives on the world are highly valued and desired by my fellow human beings. So, of course, I have decided to write a blog.

This is one of my many blog inventions. There are times when I become incredibly self-conscious about laying out my inner thoughts and so I retreat from the internet spotlight. And then there are times like this when I might as yell be yelling “hey world, hear about how I want to eat nutella right now.”

The content of my blog focuses on my life as a young women trying to lead a fairly productive life while managing attention deficit disorder. Formally diagnosed in 2011, I have spent lots of time and energy learning about my brain and the ways in which I interact with the world. Sometimes, I am at a lost when it comes to finding useful information and so I thought this would be a good format to document my adventures and mishaps.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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