Why do you want to be a whale trainer when you grow up?

Easy. Free Willy. duh.

But wouldn’t that movie be a reason to NOT be a whale trainer?

….well played.

What is it like living in Florida?

I don’t go to Disney World all of the time. Everyone’s grandparents live in Florida, but they’re all mean. The beach is incredible. I miss it sometimes, I guess it’s alright.

What christmas present did you really really want but never got?

Easy Bake Oven…I really wanted to make an m&m cake.

Why do you want to work with college students?

That’s an interesting question. I feel like the answer changes a lot. I GUESS I would say that the college years can be the most transformational years in your life. It really is an exciting time. I guess I’m more interested in working in a college environment. You know that whole “marketplace of ideas” thing its got going for it. College has this whole mystical change your life vibe but it also has an economic component. It should help you get a better job or enable you to do something you are passionate about or contribute to a better society (however you define that). Yet not only is the access route still primarily limited to traditional aged students, students who fall outside the majority struggle in college because the environment isn’t supportive of their developmental process. I’m interested in changing that. Working on better funding models. Creating student success pathways. And also having access to free food FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

Why do you love your dog so much?

I can’t explain love, I feel it.

What does your future look like?

hmmm…I hope it involves a beautiful house on a lot of land, with a wrap around porch. I can see myself sitting on the porch with a mason jar full of raspberry lemonade in one hand and a hand fan in the other. I can hear the ice cubes clinking together in the cup, like the soundtrack to a day well lived. I can feel the heat around me and see the soft haze that comes with a warm summer day. And do you hear that, it’s the sounds of friends pulling up in the driveway to join us for dinner. Armfuls of fresh produce and yummy farmers market find. Someone hits the radio and we start swaying to the sound of an old adult contemporary song that everyone knows the words too. Soon there’s a buzz through the house and laughter, and good hearty conversation about the meaning of life and how to maintain the yard. Some kids, a good headstrong partner in crime and waking up to a job I love to do. I hope Louise will  be there, or some other fun loving dog.

What are you afraid of?





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