and it begins

I have always loved writing. The love has been around since before I can remember. I might as well have been writing in the womb. My insecurities begin to emerge as my psyche reminds me I am not the most technical writer. Even with an English degree, I fail to deliver in areas of grammar, … Continue reading

emerging from the abyss…

I just finished a two week summer course. It was one of the best classes I have ever had, but I am undoubtedly tired. I am also excited about the possibilities of free time. In addition to the class with its avalanche of readings and papers, I have two internships with radically different purposes. I … Continue reading

when the world lost Oprah

So I’m writing a blog. I should say I am writing yet ANOTHER blog. The internet is a graveyard for the forgotten blogs I have started and abandoned. And here I am again. I struggled with creating a blog. The inner voices were really at it. One voice was like, “ewww. Blogs are like online … Continue reading